In instances in which doctors and other professionals (such as career military officers) are unfairly terminated or harassed by hospital systems and state medical boards, McCullough Foundation assists in providing such doctors with expert witness testimony and other investigative and legal consulting services. A key element of the Foundation’s investigative scholarship is examining and reporting the undue influence of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex in our public institutions.

Dr. Peter McCullough is frequently called upon to provide pro bono services in court cases. Over the last three years, he has provided his expertise in reports, depositions, testimony, and assistance with appeals.

High-Impact, Global Success

Expert For Plaintiffs: State of Lousiana et al v. Xavier Becerra et al

Dr. McCullough expert for plaintiffs: State of Lousiana et al v Xavier Becerra et al, Case 3:21-CV-03970, overturned 4 of 5 Biden vaccine mandates as decided by the US Supreme Court, 2021.

Expert For Plaintiffs: DOD Forced Vaccination Lawsuit

Dr. McCullough expert for plaintiffs: Navy Seal 1, US Navy, Navy Seal 2, US Navy, EOD Officer, US Navy, Senior Chief Petty Officer, US Navy, Chaplain US Navy, Lieutenant Colonel 1, US Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel 2, US Marine Corps, Major, US Marine Corps, Second Lieutenant US Marine Corps, Captain US Marin Corps, Army Ranger, US Army, Lance Corporal 1, US Marine Corps, Lance Corporal 2, US Marine Corps, Major US Air Force, National Guardsman, Virginia Army National Guard, Coast Guard Lieutenant, US Coast Guard, Colonel US Army, Technical Sargeant, US Air Force, Defence Department Contractors, US Department of Defense, Federal Civilian Engineer Contractor, Federal Civilian Contractor Employer, Federal Nuclear Contractor Employee, Department of Energy Civilian Nuclear Tech, for themselves and all others similarly situated v Joseph R. Biden, in his official capacity as President of the US, Lloyd Austin, in his official capacity as Secretary of the US Department of Defense, and Alejandro Mayorkas, in his official capacity as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, US District Court Middle District of Florida, Case 8:21-CV-02429, expert report filed Oct 15, 2021, DOD was forced to abandon forced vaccination August 24, 2021 and November 30, 2021 memoranda on January 10, 2023. Settlement agreement paid Liberty Counsel $1.8M.

Exposing The mRNA Clinical Trial

Dr. McCullough original member and participant, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, exposing the mRNA clinical trial and post-marketing safety data dossier to the public.


Pro Bono Expert & Consultant

Dr. McCullough a pro bono expert or consultant to > 100 cases involving civil liberties, pandemic injustice, personal injury, biopharmaceutical fraud, and malfeasance in civil, criminal, district, state, federal, and military courts. Countries include United States, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa.